Norwaiian Mythology

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Norwaiian Mythology

The picture below from this until now secret excavation on Hawaii, shows that this Norwaiian Mythology must be real, Says Darius Upvalley.

What they did not tell you about the Oseberg Ship excavation

The Norwaiian mythology tells of a Norse viking named Sigurd Lagabrettur who discovered the Hawaiian islands in his search of paradise. He made friends with the natives and they taught him how to surf. When Sigurd first went back to Norvegir he had been working on a surfboard in secret. As a gift to the natives. This immense new creation, rumored to be cut from Yggdrasil itself, was offered as a gift to his beloved new family as thanks for their years together. It featured a hand carved drawing of his own image and was named Thousand Mahalos, which was an endearing way of combining the different languages they used to communicate with Norwegian semantics, meaning "A Thousand Thanks" or in Sigurd's mother tongue:"Tusnir Takkur".

Fact is, there are evidence of both Christopher Columbus and Leif Eiriksson discovering the Americas. Arguably, you could say Columbus discovered South America, and Leif the North. And now evidence of vikings on Hawaii.

The notes from the excavation of this ship tells of a missing piece of the Vinland map. A piece of map that shows how to navigate to the Hawaiian islands, all the way from Norvegir. This piece of map was hidden in a secret part of the ships keel.

Also, todays technology, repetitive tests and expeditions confirm that Vikings could in fact reach Hawaii on their longships. This together with the newly discovered photo makes the renowned Norse historian Darius Upvalley sure Norwaii is more than just a mythology. It did and might still exist.

The question is, why did some want to keep this excavation a secret? And who did hide away this photo?
Maybe there is a place like Norwaii today. A perfect hidden Island. Some kind of real paradise. And the people living there, they are trying to keep it a secret..